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exists to create a world that empowers

trauma survivors to rebuild their lives.

One in two people will experience trauma in their lifetime. Four in one hundred adults in the UK have diagnosable PTSD at any given point in time, but three out of those four won’t receive any professional mental health support.

re;mind is on a mission to use intelligent technology to support you through post traumatic stress.

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Our story

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Founder & CEO 


I was caught up in the London Bridge & Borough Market terror attack in June 2017. The experience had an impact on my daily life as I struggled with the effects of the trauma, what felt like every minute of every day.

Accessing support wasn’t easy, I was lucky to afford private therapy & by chance, later found support from a specialist charity. Outside of the therapy room, it was hard to find other means of effective support & there weren’t any suitable digital tools available to help. Professionally, I've worked in technology for seven years, leading & working closely with user groups & technology teams to build high impact solutions.

In 2020, I decided to fuse my personal experiences & professional skills together to build re;mind to help people “like me” who have been impacted by trauma.

I was a Pioneer on the inaugural Zinc VC Mental Health Academy & have been invited as a guest on podcasts & to speak at the Digital Innovation in Mental Health conference, sharing my personal story and raising awareness of trauma.

Unfortunately I lost my father to suicide at the age 12. It took me over a decade to start to process what had happened, to seek professional support, and be able to talk about my father to anyone, even my own family. 

I have since dedicated my work to supporting those who have experienced loss and raising awareness of suicide. I have worked with a range of mental health charities and I speak publicly about my story. I'm also an ambassador and trainer for Mental Health First Aid England.

When I first met Freya in 2021, it was clear that we shared the same purpose, albeit sparked by different circumstances. It’s an honour to now be able to channel my personal and professional experience into re;mind

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Co-founder & CCMO 


Together, we are on a mission to use our own lived experience to create a world that empowers trauma survivors to rebuild their lives.

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Meet the wider team

Dr Iain Jordan

Clinical Advisor

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Laura Fischer

Trauma Advisor


Clive Hickman

Business Advisor

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Suzanne Atkins

Graphic Design


Our supporters

We’re proud to be supported by the following charities & organisations:

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