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At the forefront of trauma recovery.

We are on a mission to change the way we understand and support trauma. Working with a growing and strong community of users, research institutions, charities and healthcare professionals, our unique approach uses continuous development and data science to help people better understand and recover from trauma.

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A scalable technology platform

We are building a scalable technology platform to help people from all walks of life better understand and recover from trauma. The platform provides accessible, evidence-based tools, support and knowledge to individuals and organisations, driven by real world data, at scale.

Our Founder & CEO

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Freya Hickman

"I believe everyone should have access to the knowledge, support & tools they need to rebuild from trauma."
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Freya Hickman

Freya's story

I was caught up in the London Bridge & Borough Market terror attack in June 2017. The experience had an impact on my daily life as I struggled with the effects of trauma, what felt like every minute of every day.

Accessing support wasn’t easy, I was lucky to afford private therapy & by chance, later found support from a specialist charity. Outside of the therapy room, it was hard to find other means of effective support & there weren’t any suitable digital tools available to help.

In early 2020, I decided to fuse my personal experiences & professional skills as a technology lead together, dedicating my work to support people “like me” whose lives have been impacted by trauma. 

In addition to building re;mind, I was a Pioneer on the inaugural Zinc VC Mental Health Academy 2021, have been invited as a guest on podcasts & to speak at the Digital Innovation in Mental Health conference, sharing my personal story & raising awareness of trauma.

Because I believe everyone should have access to the knowledge, support & tools they need to rebuild from trauma.


Bridging the gap

Based on Freya’s personal experience and reinforced by re;mind’s ongoing research, it became clear there are a number of barriers to and gaps in existing support for those struggling with trauma. As a result, re;mind aims to support people from all walks of life, circumstances, and across social backgrounds through their traumatic stress.  


re;mind aims to provide low-cost, readily accessible and ongoing support to those who need it, whether or not someone has any formal mental health diagnosis. It can be whilst waiting for, alongside and continuing long after a professional support or course of therapy.  


Longer term, re;mind will help bridge the gap in trauma research, changing the way we understand and support trauma. 

Who we work with

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We’re proud to work with & be supported some fantastic charities & organisations who are committed to making a difference. 

See who we work with to find out more.

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