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personalised mental wellbeing support to help you rebuild after trauma

Available later 2021

If your mental wellbeing has been impacted by trauma, you are not alone. 

We're here to help you.

We're building an app designed to provide you with personalised mental wellbeing support after trauma.


We're working with people who have lived experience of trauma, clinical experts & academic research every step of the way.


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How will it work?


The app will empower you to understand how your individual beliefs, behaviours & emotions influence each other, to help you gain a better sense of self, self-belief & feeling of control. It integrates your personal attributes & inputs with evidence-based approaches such as psychotherapy & positive psychology to help you adapt your mindset & build healthy habits. 

Track your daily moods & note events or situations that influence them

Get personalised nudges & recommendations to help you through the difficult moments & hard days

Capture the moments you're grateful for & what you've achieved

Understand what positively & negatively influences your happiness & wellbeing

See your progress over time & identify any patterns in your wellbeing

Access reliable articles to help you better understand  your wellbeing & get signposted to further resources


My story

I was caught up in the London Bridge and Borough Market terror attack in 2017. The experience had a severe impact on my daily life as I struggled with the effects of the trauma, what felt like every minute of every day. There wasn’t a corner of my life that wasn’t impacted by what I was going through and my life felt completely out of control. I didn’t know who I was anymore. 

Accessing support wasn’t easy, I was lucky to afford private therapy & later found support from a specialist charity. Outside of the therapy room, it was hard to find other means of effective support & there weren’t any suitable digital tools available to help me. It has been a difficult journey to rediscover my sense of self, what my new normal looks like & to learn how to manage my mental wellbeing.


Professionally, I've worked in technology for seven years. I've led numerous projects, working closely with people to  translate their needs into technology requirements & alongside developers to build an effective solution. Now I’m in a better place, I'm fusing my personal experiences & professional skills to work with others who have lived experience of trauma as well as clinical & technical experts to create a meaningful form of support for people “like me” who have been impacted by trauma. 

Freya Hickman, Founder


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