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Provide trauma support for your people, with access to tools and resources 24/7

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Trauma is estimated to cost at least £9bn to UK employers through absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover.

With one in two people having a traumatic event in their lifetime, it’s likely people in your workplace are struggling with trauma

Particularly if you work in a sector where you regularly face emotional and physical challenges. It’s not only the military, the impact of trauma is increasingly recognised in fields such as healthcare, emergency services, journalism and broadcasting, retail, social care and more.

Trauma can significantly hamper a person’s ability to function

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Facing regular challenges, no matter if the traumatic experience(s) happened at work or home, e.g.:

  • Flashbacks or panic attacks

  • Feeling continually on edge and jumpy

  • Regular nightmares and disturbed sleep

  • Unwanted intrusive memories and thoughts

  • Negative beliefs, low confidence and self-esteem

  • Struggles with relationships at work and home

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Looking after your
employee’s wellbeing
saves £5.30 for every £1 spent


Looking after mental health is not only good for your people,
it’s good for your business

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Improves productivity
sick days
staff turnover
you care
hand and
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We provide leading edge and cost-effective 24/7 trauma support

Our technology platform provides accessible, recognised tools, insights and resources to individuals and organisations. Built with lived experience, clinical expertise, academic research and

driven by real-world data.

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