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How can the 

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app help me?

Find relief during moments of distress, track how you’re feeling & better understand your wellbeing.

Through your inputs, clinical evidence & data science our app will become smarter over time, adapting to your needs so you can learn to look after your own mental wellbeing using the tools best suited to you.
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  • Find relief during moments of distress, such as flashbacks, feeling panicky or on edge with grounding tools immediately to hand whenever you need them
  • Get personalised recommendations for grounding tools best for you, alternatively use your favourites or try new ones
  • Get activity suggestions to remind you to practice self-care


  •  Log your symptoms & understand any triggers that may be affecting you
  • Take a moment to reflect on your feelings & the things influencing them
  • Reflect on the things you’ve achieved today, what you’re grateful for or write a journal entry 


  • Understand what impacts your symptoms & feelings over time
  • Learn how to manage your symptoms using self-help tools best suited for you
  • Access reliable resources & information so you can better understand your experiences
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Our smart self-help app has been designed specifically for trauma survivors. 

Our app features multiple recognised trauma-focused & mental health tools. The design is based on evidence from lived experience, clinical practice & academic research, powered by data science.

What trauma survivors who tested our app are saying:

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it's like a safety blanket I carry with me

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Please note our app is not designed to replace professional mental wellbeing support. However if you’re unable to access other services for whatever reason, we’re here to help you through your traumatic stress, track your symptoms & triggers to better look after your mental wellbeing.

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