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Specifically designed to help you navigate trauma.

With you from the beginning, the re;mind app is available for you to use wherever and whenever you need it. This can be whilst waiting for, alongside and continuing long after professional support. 


Find relief during moments of distress, track how you’re feeling & better understand your wellbeing.


Through your inputs, clinical evidence & data science our app will help you learn to look after your own mental wellbeing using the tools best suited to you.

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Use psychology tools to help find relief from distressing trauma symptoms when triggered. Get regular reminders to help you practice self-care.

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Built on what works.

Our self-help app is evidence-based: developed with user input & underpinned by psychology & data science every step of the way.


600+ surveys of people who've experienced trauma

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100+ hours of discussions and input from people with trauma, clinicians, academics and other experts in the field


Over 10,000 minutes of app usage and feedback from the pilot


Psychology frameworks including TF-CBT, Behavioural Activation, Positive Psychology & Psychoeducation

Our pilot results

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200 users tested the app over 13 weeks

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67% said the app was helping them

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85% said the app was a useful or major part of a wider toolkit in looking after their mental health
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You are not alone

Helping you navigate trauma.

Please note our app is not designed to replace professional mental wellbeing support. However if you’re unable to access other services for whatever reason, we’re here to help you through your traumatic stress, track your symptoms & triggers to better look after your mental wellbeing.

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